Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop Lynas Save Malaysia

               We Want A Healthy Malaysia.
                        For the sake of our next generation

WE doesn't need

                     To be part of us and make us even more "SPECIAL"

We are all God Creation and we cannot allow others to hurt us in order to fulfill your needs to make profits!!
Please think we all have our love ones too!! 

Friday, February 03, 2012

Yummy Yummy

This stall the food selling Wan Tan Mee, Prawn mee, Curry Mee and Fishball Noodle soup, located in Subang 2, behind Cavan's factory is really fantastic. The owner will deco the food nicely before they serve the food. Should really promote for them as the food is really cheap especially when in Selangor. I cannot find another one which has this price and food. We thought they were closing down and wanted to capture a few moments of it. Next we heard they resume their business as usual and we were happy as we can get cheap food in town. Wan Tan Mee
Price: Rm3.70 (big) Big portion Prawn Mee
Price: RM 3.70 for big

Happy Lunar New Year 2012

Hmm.. So fast, Chinese New Year came and now its almost toward the end of it dy. Still got 3 more days and CNY is officially comes to an end. I really enjoy myself during the new year. I did lots of grocery, shopping for the new year and praying stuff. Although its tiring and got to spend a lot, i feel that its worth it after all, its only once a year.
CNY Deco In 1U shopping mall
Saw friend appeared on red packet
My cute cute niece. She cannot let go of the ang pau. $_$ so small knows what's ang pau dy. Smart Smart
Deco in my granny house. Simple and nice. Don't know I can deco for how many times more. :(
Lion Dance on the first day of CNY.. Loving it.
the word "旺" made by the lion. Definitely will 旺 us all.
Dragon in the air of Queensbay Mall
Deco in Queensbay Mall
Fireworks blasting in the air on the 9th night

Malaysia Open 2012

Last month, Cavan and I purposely take leave to go to Malaysia Open 2012. Glad that we made this decision as this can be a lifetime experience. Saw lots of people like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat and a lot more.
Peter Gade playing very hard. But he managed to move forward
Adcock and his partner. Unfortunately they lost the match
This is one of the precious. Cavan managed to ask Reiko Shiota to take photo with him and we gave her a dragon toy. She loves it very. That delighted our day.

Since last November 2011

Here is every little things that came to me since the last year. Stay tune :) Happy Winter Solstice!! This is my 3rd time cook tang yuan. Every little round glutinous rice balls represent everyone in the family. When making this tang yuan, one will hope that their family will stay united and happily in the family. That goes the same for me. I hope that, everyone in my family will have a wonderful, healthy happy life.
Cavan and I enjoying the moment making tang yuan together. :) Badminton Court @1Shamelin Meet Wang Choong Hann there. He is one of the boss there. He is friendly in person and can talk a lot. But he looks so serious when he is playing.
Cavan enjoying taking pictures with him while am the photographer here :p
Flashing back, this blogger has been left behind for quite some time. Now i guess its time to get the pen (as in keyboard)down here. I am gonna make it blog my BFF. Welcoming myself back to Blogger!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Its quite a while since my last post. As usual, life goes one with busy routine and sometimes we need some time out. Here is what's is happening to me for over a year. I summarize it in a video. Do enjoy :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The answer to my question over the year still remained as a mystery and when each day passes by, a lot of new challenges added to my life experiences. These challenges that happened seem to have no answers. People said, no matter how dark a room is, God will always open a window to en light us . But for now, i really wanna know where is my window?

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Beginning of a brand new year with homeless by the end of the year

After almost 2 months of 2010 have passed, it was like never ending nightmares where I could not get myself out of the nightmares. Last year December 2009, that was when I started to have this nightmare. A real true nightmare that even now I could not get myself out of it. It was one real bad news that causing me to suffer from depression.
Here, is how the nightmare goes: I received a call from my youngest sister stating that she received a lawyer letter wanting us to evacuate from our house by the end of Jan 31 2010. My siblings n I were traumatized and shocked after reading the content of the letter, as followed:

2 weeks before Chinese New Year? How can we moved out in such short notice plus where are we going to move to? This "developer" or I would say the irresponsible board of director of SMJK Heng Ee did not mention or release any notice. Fortunately a few weeks before CNY the board of director called out a meeting and delayed the demolishing period or else I will be homeless for this CNY.

During the meeting, the board of director discussed on the matter of the compensation but so far the school could not decide on what to compensate us as they expected us to move out of the land peacefully and they can get the land without compensating us anything or at the lowest cost.
The director was paranoid enough saying that we did not sacrifice anything for the future chinese studies prospect and expecting to get a 3 rooms house. Rumors were spread saying that they only give us RM20K for the compensation. If this rumors is true RM20K will never going to be enough as the price for a normal 3 rooms house required at least RM80K.

Is it what an educator should be doing, by demolishing people house and let people or even the older generation people to be homeless or add another burden to maintain another new loan for the new house?

According to an article from a press, this school wanted to upgrade their school into college. As this news was spread, the neighbors were complaining that how come the school have the money to upgrade but doesn"t have the sum to compensate us? Hence, the school immediately changes their plan to use the land to make parking lot.

I realize that we could not do anything as the government already sold the land to Heng Ee high school. But can the board of the school at least be nice by giving us a small house that we can call home and lets not accusing the neighbors(us) for not scarifying anything for the sake of the future of the Chinese studies.

We sacrificed our home, although it's wooden, but we have 5 bedrooms, 3 toilets, and 2 living rooms, plus plenty of parking space. Plus with this demolishing going on, a lot of us will be homeless, not mentioning the older generations. Chinese cultures that we practicing since our great grandmother's generations will all be demolished together along with the house.
Like for myself, how can i afford a new house and continue the practice of Chinese culture while I'm just only a fresh grad?

Besides this, I knew that all these while the only person that held on to this family is my granny and now that she is gone, nobody is the family has the strong determination in holding the family together. Every one in the family was thinking on how to get their benefits from this family, even the 20k they wouldn't mind to divide it and get only a few thousand. Some in the family was saying "let's divide the money and we can go one our way".. while others were like " I wanted this and I wanted that". I was so upset that I could not stand bursting into tears. How can a family be unite in defending the only memory that granny left for us? That house was full of granny and our memories.

What should I do or we do just to have a place we call home?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4 more days to go and I will be leaving connaught. Well, this is the place where I had rooted myself for over the past 3 years. I still remember when i first came to kl with my parents on one particular Wednesday and i had to take my dinner alone in this famous pasar malam.. *terrible* as i do not know any one over here. Along those way, i knew a lot of friends and particularly I met my darling here.Over these 3 years i lost more than i gained. I have a wonderful boyfriend but I lost my granny and most importantly the homey feelings that i had last time. I guess it's going to be very difficult to retrieve it back. Furthermore, I regretted for what I did to my granny when she was trying to concern about how I was doing while i in hostel. I'm really really sorry!!! When I started my relationship with Cavan,I had never have the chance to let Cavan meet this spectacular and wonderful women in my life. That was such a shame!! But i always believe that Cavan is always the best present that my granny sent to me as my guidance angel, taking care of me. Although granny had never meet Cavan, but i know that deep down, Granny will like and love Cavan.. Am i right??
No matter what, cavan and i will be together along with Granny living deep down in each on of us.. Isn't that wonderful??

Well, after living Connaught, Cavan and I will be moving over to Section 17, Petaling Jaya due to my working place. Oh ya, that's my another stages of life. In another 6 more days, I will be starting my new chapter of my life, working in a company known as Materialise Software Asia Pacific as a medical conversion engineer.Hence I won't have the chance to play play and couch potato-ing anymore. *sob sob*

This is going to be a tough job for me. I am worrying whether i have the ability to cope with this position. But no matter what happens, I hope that I could manage, learn and adapt it in a short time. With blessing and guidance from granny and love and care from my siblings and Cavan, I really hope that I can toughen myself and faces the everyday challenges.

Besides them, my beloved friends will support me too right?? I'm sure you guys will. hehe!!..Thanks ya..

I guess that's all for now.. Will further update more on myself.. Take care everybody!! Love ya all..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time to move forward..

It's been a while since my last blog. Ever since i completed my internship in Sime Darby, my life has been like so relaxing as in everyday i wake up, Internet, sleep and eat. That's all. But that wasn't about all. Besides that, i still had to clear up my viva presentation and all those corrections to be made. After spending like exactly a year on my final year project, finally i got it done and ready for hard cover binding. Ended up, my hard cover binding got rejected due to the font type too small. There goes my RM 40 bucks.. (Fly away) Then i purposely made another trip down to Serdang and on my way back in the KTM, i almost got picked pocket. Fortunately, i felt it else not only 80 bucks disappeared but also my RM 620 mobile phone.When i returned to college that very monday, i noticed that i'm the only one who had to send in for hardbound twice and what pissed me off others with the same cover (previously done as mine) need not have to do second time.[*speechless*] What can i do?? Nothing but to swallow it deep down my stomach. That was the unfortunate moment i ever had this year. After went through all those sweat and tears, here goes..

My thesis with all the sweat and tears..

and now, i can say that.. I'm officially OUT from UCSI.. [evil laugh]

As for a month later, i was in dilemma whether to continue master or start working. I was hesitating. I really had no idea. It's like as if, I'm lost in no where. Therefore, i applied for job and prepared for my master application. It was really a tough decision to make. Then as i received a call from the company to attend for an interview, i wasn't sure that i'm making the correct decision. Cavan told me, why not just attend the interview.. just go get interview experiences. Then on the other side, my sister called and said the same thing. It wasn't a bad decision after all, in order to apply for master degree, the most important thing is to have a potential supervisor which i could not find one. I could not risk my 2 years of master with somebody unknown and end up i could not grad.

At the end, i went to the interview and made it for my 2nd interview, i told myself that, even i have to postpone my dream and start working first, it wasn't a bad idea after all. Everybody eventually needs to enter this realistic society sooner or later and it;s good to have working experiences and then further improve and upgrade ourselves. Other than that, Cavan will not have travel over 70 Km each days anymore.

Now, i made it through the 2nd interview and being offered the job as medical conversion engineer. I wanted to thank everybody for all their help especially my parents, siblings and Cavan. They supported me well enough. Soon i will be starting my work and i may not carry out my responsibility or assignments given well, but for those who i loved and supported me all these while, I will try my very best to be fit for this position.


Granny, if you see this, i really hope that you will be with me, guide me all the way. I really hope that i can make you feel proud of me. Loving you always.

Cavan, my dear, i'm sorry for being such a self center and causes you quite a lot of trouble. Soon, we together will gambate and make our dreams come true.